Ethan Vardi

Sales Associate

I am a 21 year old watch enthusiast. I was raised in Maryland near Washington, DC. I’ve been interested in watches ever since I was 12 and I stumbled upon a watch boutique in the airport. Ever since then I’ve been enamored with watches. In 2017 I attended Baselworld in Switzerland, which really cemented my interest in selling timepieces. Along with the more popular manufacturers, I have a great admiration for both independent and vintage watches. I love what I do and it brings me great joy helping my clients into all types of amazing pieces.

Favorite Watch - Richard Mille RM57-03 Sapphire Dragon in Carbon NTPT: While it is tough for me to pick just one favorite watch, the 57-03 is the ultimate Richard Mille in my opinion. It is made in NTPT which is my favorite material. The piece is also a tourbillon with incredible details on the sapphire dragon.