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Brand name: Jacob & Co
Case material: Rose Gold
Dial color: Openworked
Case size: 49 MM
Stones: Diamonds

The Opera Godfather Minute Repeater masterfully weaves a tale of cinematic greatness through a fusion of artistic intricacies and intricate watchmaking complexities, paying homage to Francis Ford Coppola's legendary film, The Godfather. Crafted through a unique collaboration with Paramount Pictures, the renowned production and distribution company behind the iconic movie, this timepiece is a testament to innovation and creativity.

Powered by the exclusive JCFM07 movement comprising 758 components, the Opera Godfather Minute Repeater showcases a distinctive two-cylinder music box playing the initial 120 notes of The Godfather theme alongside a minute repeater. With the inclusion of a striking triple-axis gravitational tourbillon and a subdial for time display, Jacob & Co's avant-garde watchmaking prowess is on full display, setting this timepiece apart as a groundbreaking creation.

Artistic elements grace the watch, featuring the film's emblematic logo on a black painted 18K gold plate, accompanied by a hand-painted rendition of a piano adorned with a portrait of the Godfather. In the Opera Godfather Minute Repeater Diamond Barrels edition, the cylinders are crafted from 18K rose gold and embellished with 666 brilliant round diamonds, adding a touch of opulence.

The amalgamation of these artistic details and high-end watchmaking complications is elegantly presented on a well-balanced dial, offering a visual and auditory spectacle that mirrors the grandeur of the epic crime saga. Much like its cinematic counterpart, the Opera Godfather Minute Repeater stands as a timeless masterpiece, seamlessly blending technical expertise with the finesse of fine art.

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At Timepiece Trading, LLC, we assure that every watch sold is 100% verified authentic and in perfect working order.  Watches marked as ‘unworn’ include their original box, and warranty documents/cards, unless specified otherwise. Our ‘pre-owned’ watches are certified authentic, in working condition, and contain no aftermarket parts. Should a listing lack the original box, Timepiece Trading, LLC may provides a signature watch box for the timepiece upon request.

Timepiece Trading, LLC's 2-Year Limited Warranty covers the mechanical functionality of your automatic watch, which includes issues such as incorrect timekeeping or sudden stoppages. This warranty is valid only for watches bought directly from Timepiece Trading, LLC, and starts from the date of purchase. Within this two-year period, you are entitled to send your watch back to us for servicing. We use factory-authorized parts for replacements as needed. Please note that any signs of misuse beyond what the manufacturer's tolerances allow will result in the nullification of this warranty. Additionally, this warranty does not cover water damage stemming from an open crown, or damage to the crystal from normal usage. Replacement of quartz watch batteries is not included under this warranty.


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