A Closer Look at Celebs' Watches on Met Gala Red Carpet: Exclusive Details

May 09, 23
A Closer Look at Celebs' Watches on Met Gala Red Carpet: Exclusive Details

There's no better place to celebrate fashion than at the Met Gala, where the stars shine bright, and the fashion is always on point. We've seen some unforgettable outfits over the years, from Lady Gaga's meat dress to Rihanna's pope-inspired ensemble. But in the midst of all the glitz and glam, it's easy to overlook a smaller but equally important detail: the watch. Yes, the humble wristwatch may seem like a minute detail, but it plays an important role in completing a celebrity's look.

So, we're here to give you an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the watches worn by some of our favorite celebs at the Met Gala, highlighting the unique and intricate details that make each timepiece a true work of art. Get ready to be amazed as we explore the world of celebrity watches and discover the watches that added that extra sparkle to the red carpet.

1. Roger Federer - Rolex 1908

Roger Federer proved once again that he is not only a tennis legend but also a style icon as he stepped out at the 2023 Met Gala adorned in a White Gold Rolex 1908. The classic watch complemented his perfectly tailored suit and added a touch of sophistication to his ensemble. With its timeless design and intricate details, the Rolex 1908 showcased his impeccable taste and attention to detail. Federer's choice of this particular watch highlights his appreciation for the artistry and craftsmanship of watchmaking while also demonstrating his refined and classic sense of style. It's no wonder that he continues to be a fan favorite both on and off the court.

2. Stormzy - Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711/110P

Stormzy stole the show at the 2023 Met Gala with his unforgettable Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711/110P watch. This luxurious timepiece is made of platinum, which perfectly complements his debonair floral blue and black suit and adds a touch of sophistication. The diamond set bezel and black dial of the watch are simply breathtaking, drawing attention to the watch while perfectly accentuating his outfit. And let's not forget the practicality of the watch - with its self-winding movement and date display feature, Stormzy can rely on his Patek Philippe Nautilus to keep him punctual while he makes his way to the after-party. By wearing the stunning Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711/110P, Stormzy showed that having the right watch can truly make a difference in enhancing one's style and making a bold fashion statement.

3. Michelle Yeoh - Richard Mille 07-01 Diamond Set Dial

Michelle Yeoh brought her own unique sparkle to the Met Gala 2023 red carpet with an impressive Richard Mille platinum watch set with baguette-cut diamonds, a rubber strap, and dazzling jewelry. Complementing her tuxedo-style ball gown, this timepiece was truly a showstopper - it showed off Yeoh's signature style while giving us all a glimpse of the inner workings of the horological world. With its intricate design, sparkling gems, and impeccable craftsmanship, there's no denying that this watch adds just the right touch of elegance to any formal ensemble. We can't wait to see what timepiece Michelle has in store for us next year!

4. Nick Jonas - Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 26315ST

Attending the Met Gala 2023, Nick Jonas had heads turning with his stylish leather suit and Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 26315ST timepiece. This classic watch perfectly suited his ensemble, boasting an avant-garde design that exuded sophistication and confidence. The stainless steel strap brought together the elegant look and added a hint of playfulness, while the intricately detailed case radiated luxury. As timeless as it was bold, Nick’s choice of watch was nothing short of iconic - what a way to make an impression!

5. Jeremy Strong - Richard Mille RM07-04

Jeremy Strong was a showstopper at the Met Gala 2023, with his daring choice in the Richard Mille RM07-04 Green Quartz watch. His outfit - a ruffled green shirt with a brown satin blazer, black pants, and a neon-green necklace - was the perfect accompaniment to this impressive timepiece. The intricate design featured an anthracite ceramic bezel with screw-down push-pieces adding to its sleek look. With dazzling gemstones and a clean face, this watch exudes style and sophistication - all while providing an eye-catching contrast against Jeremy's ensemble. It surely won't be forgotten any time soon!

6. Pusha T - Rolex Day-Date 40mm Ref. 228349RBR

Pusha T brought his A-game to the Met Gala 2023, pairing his funky suit and black and white shoes with a Rolex Day-Date 40mm Ref. 228349RBR.With its crisp 18 kt White Gold case with Diamond-Paved Dial and Diamond-Set Bezel, this watch had all eyes on him. Its distinctive face was striking enough to stand out among the evening's other eye-catching ensembles. Pusha T's style choice could not be overlooked - an absolute showstopper!

7. Jack Harlow - Rolex GMT (Batman)

Jack Harlow was a beacon at the Met Gala 2023, with his outfit and Rolex GMT 'Batman' Ref. 126710BLNR-0003 representing the perfect union between classic glamor and chic modernity. The black and blue two-tone bezel was striking against his smart black suit, while its uniquely colored GMT hand added a playful touch of color to the ensemble. A true showstopper of a watch, this iconic timepiece is sure to remain in fashion for years to come!

8. Kim Jones - Rolex "Cosmograph"

Kim Jones stunned the crowd at the Met Gala 2023 with his Rolex "Cosmograph" Ref. 6238, which was a perfect complement to his classic outfit. Boasting a sleek and sporty look, this timepiece featured a black dial with three chronograph registers and an original steel Oyster bracelet that added an air of sophistication. Its bezel was designed in the style of vintage racing instruments, creating an unmistakable but timeless style - not to mention its water-resistant case will make sure it stands the test of time!

9. Russell Westbrook - Custom Patek Philippe Nautilus With Diamonds And Sapphires

At the Met Gala 2023, Russell Westbrook set a high fashion bar with his bold look and exquisite timepiece. The Custom Patek Philippe 5719/11G Nautilus featured a stunning array of diamonds and sapphires exquisitely set against the steel casing. His tweed jacket with flowery clasps was a playful contrast to the patterned pants and pearl necklace he wore. All in all, this remarkable combination of style and sophistication made him the talk of the red carpet!

10. Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman wowed the crowd at the Met Gala 2023 with her vintage OMEGA Saphette jewelry watch from 1955. The watch perfectly complemented her regal outfit, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to her already stunning look. The sparkling crystal on the face of the watch served as the centerpiece of the timepiece, which was brilliantly facetted like a solitary gemstone. The watch strap, made of black suede, augmented the watch's vintage feel, making it all the more special.

11. Jackson Wang

Jackson Wang, on the other hand, opted for the modern and stylish Cartier Tank Cintrée Skeleton Ref. WHTA0009 watch. This timepiece featured a unique skeletonized design that showcased the intricate inner workings of the watch. The slim and sleek silhouette of the Cartier Tank added a touch of refinement to Wang's already sharp attire, and the watch's stainless steel case perfectly matched his cool and collected persona.

12. Anitta

Anitta brought the glamor to Met Gala with her Roger Dubuis Velvet Platinum 38MM watch. This timepiece featured a luxurious and dazzling design, with its intricate platinum case and diamond-encrusted bezel. The watch's feminine and elegant aesthetic was the perfect complement to Anitta's show-stopping black Marc Jacobs gown and sky-high platform strappy heels. The Roger Dubuis Velvet Platinum was a true testament to the beauty and sophistication of high-end luxury watches.

13. Bobby Wooten

Bobby Wooten chose the Oris Aquis Date Diamonds for his accessory of choice at Met Gala 2023. This watch brought a touch of bling with its sparkling diamond hour markers and ceramic rotating bezel. Wooten's choice of watch was the perfect combination of form and function, with its robust diving capabilities and eye-catching design. The Oris Aquis Date Diamonds timepiece was a unique and stylish choice that truly reflected Wooten's adventurous spirit.

14. Rami Malek

At Met Gala 2023, Rami Malek showcased his impeccable style with the Cartier Tank Louis Cartier Ref. WGTA0091 watch. This timepiece was a true classic, featuring a clean and timeless design that has remained popular for over a century. The watch's leather strap nicely matched Rami's elegant white and black attire, adding a touch of vintage charm to his look. The Cartier Tank Louis Cartier Ref. WGTA0091 was a perfect match for Malek's understated yet refined style.

15. Eileen Gu

Eileen Gu made a statement at Met Gala 2023 with her IWC Portofino Automatic Day & Night 34 watch. This feminine and elegant timepiece featured a simple and clean design, with its silver dial, diamond-set bezel, and a matching pink strap. The watch's feminine and timeless aesthetic matched perfectly with Gu's Wine Stain Silk Gown, exuding sophistication and graceful style. The IWC Portofino Automatic Day & Night 34 was a true work of art, showcasing the beauty of simplicity in watchmaking.

16. Simu Liu

Lastly, Simu Liu wowed the crowd with his Vacheron Constantin Overseas Ref. 4500V watch. This timepiece featured a sleek and sporty design, with its stainless steel case and solid black dial. The watch's robust functionality and modern aesthetics perfectly matched Liu's confident and adventurous style.

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Final Thoughts

As we can see, the stars of the Met Gala 2023 never failed to impress with their exquisite and fashionable watch selections! Whether they went for a classic timepiece or a custom design with show-stopping sparkle, it's clear that these A-listers have an eye for style. One thing is for sure—they certainly had all eyes on them this evening!